Swimming pools


Immerse yourself in the source of your well-being

Our three indoor and outdoor thermal pools are the core of your relaxing and healthy holiday.
The year-round water temperature of 34/35 ° C and the fact that the pools are communicating, means that the outdoor pool can be used all year round, even in cold weather.

Our indoor thermal pool is a triumph of fascination and charm: design, setting, atmospheric lighting, warmth and romantiscm. The relaxation area with wooden beds and armchairs is spread out on several levels around the pool. The roof is part glass, as are the walls that look out over the gardens and outdoor pool, next to the gazebo.

The indoor pool is equipped with hot tubs, a cervical spine waterfall and revitalizing massaging water jets, with vivacious bubbles that caress the skin.

The outdoor pool


surrounded by a flowered garden

The indoor and outdoor pools are communicating and once outside you will find yourself surrounded by a flowered garden, with sunny areas for soaking up the sun and shady ones under the poplar trees, where you can relax and have a little privacy.


The pool has massaging water jets, cervical spine waterfalls, hot tubs and a Japanese water walk. During the summer season, the outdoor pool is the venue for events and evening dances in the moonlight.

The just recently built third thermal swimming-pool is surrounded by greenery and the silence of the garden. Partially indoors, it allows you to immerse yourself even in the coldest months for an outdoor swim without suffering from sudden thermal changes. The thermal water temperature is regulated according to the seasons: 35° C in the coldest months and 30° C in the summer.
This pool is also fitted with a hydromassage jet area with benches, beds, barrels and falls for the back and shoulders to amplify the benefits of hyperthermal water and increase the relaxation effects of our swimming-pools.
At sunset, the atmosphere is almost magical, thanks to the play of light on the water. Are you ready for this experience?

Fitness in thermal water

From Monday to Saturday you can freely participate in the group Acquagym and water aerobics sessions:
two fun activities for your well-being, with a qualified and engaging instructor.

Thermal water for your relaxation

Thermal water

The hyper-thermal salt-bromine-iodine water in the pools is extremely mineral and comes from our springs. Its original temperature has to be lowered to use it in the pools: in fact, the flowing water has a temperature of about 87°C. It's extremely pleasant and the muscle relaxing and stress relieving effect is immediate.