In our swimming pool area and in thermal gardens, we have set up various oases dedicated to relaxation and tranquility, ... exclusive shelters to meditate and relax.

They are furnished with enveloping sofas and armchairs, soft chaise longue and stylish beds, some of which overlook the water or the garden and some also are more secluded and private; you just have to choose the one that suits you best and enjoy every moment of well-deserved peace!

Roof Garden

Located in a panoramic area overlooking the spa garden, our terrace is a sort of garden suspended in space and time; it’s a romantic and exclusive place where our guests can enjoy greater privacy and relaxation, among trees and flowering plants.

Sparkling water mist refreshes the skin and cools it off pleasantly while sunbathing.

From the spa garden, the roof garden can also be admired vertically, with hanging green waterfalls that give you the feeling of being embraced by nature.

The Relaxation of Salt

The Salt Room is located on the ground floor and it is open every day from 8 am to 7,30 pm.

The Salt Room combines the benefits of mineral salt with those of light.
Thanks to a brazier that regulates and keeps the room’s intensity of heat and humidity constant, the perfect conditions are created to favor the ionization process of mineral salt. The back lit salt wall of the room is powered by the slight overheating of the salt bricks: the room is even more suggestive, and you will take also advantage of the chromotherapeutic effect of the Pink Himalayan Salt.

The Relaxation of a fireplace

We have thought about your moments of relaxation and abandonment in the months where the climate doesn’t permit you to stay outdoors and get suntanned. Several Relaxation Oases with soft chaise lounges and sunbeds are available for overlooking the swimming-pools and the gardens.
Qui si ferma il tempo: in penombra, coccolati dal grande camino centrale, godetevi il verde del giardino e lasciate andare ogni tensione.