Thermal water

Our family has always been proud of basing their business in thermal water which flows from the springs in Abano Terme, one of the most famous spa towns in Europe and renown all over the world.

Being a natural resource, we know it is precious and must not be wasted, but preserved, as well as the Earth that hosts us. That is why, at our hotel, we commit daily to implement systems, technology and procedures that make the Europa Boutique Hotel as sustainable for the environment as possible.

In particular, we have adopted the following solutions:

Energy saving

We have installed the latest generation of photovoltaic systems.

We use led and energy saving lighting.

We have equipped the car park with charging stations for electric cars.

The hyperthermal water extracted from the springs is reused, after its therapeutic use, to heat the hotel in the colder months, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

Waste reduction

All the staff are committed to dispose of waste for recycling.

For some years now, we have been reducing the use of plastic in all hotel departments. It is an ongoing process and we ask for the collaboration of both the Staff and the Guests.

We have equipped all our staff with personal water bottles.

We have optimized our water systems and we try to raise awareness among our guests in limiting the consumption of running water in their rooms as well as in reducing how often the room linens are changed.

The kitchen staff attends specific training courses to manage the food supply properly and avoid food waste because, in the kitchen, everything needs to be planned.

The real challenge is to succeed in not wasting and preserving natural resources without affecting the comfort of our guests and possibly involve them in sharing our vision based on the desire to live in harmony with nature and our planet.