Daydreaming, experiencing the pleasure of a double immersion in water and nature is possible at the Europa Terme Boutique Hotel in Abano Terme where you will find three splendid indoor and outdoor thermal swimming-pools, sparkling micro-jets of bubbles and the comfortable spaces of our exclusive Spa Center.

The indoor and outdoor swimming-pools are connected to one another and have a constant temperature of 34/35° C which allows you to enjoy healthy thermal water even in the coldest months.


The indoor pool is a riot of suggestions: design, setting and soft lights give it atmosphere, warmth and romance.

The relaxation area with wooden loungers and armchairs is located on several levels overlooking the swimming pool. The roof is partially glazed like the glass wall that overlooks the garden and the outdoor swimming pool, which is adjacent to the gazebo. In the indoor swimming-pool, you will find revitalizing whirlpools with sparkling micro-jets of bubbles that caress the skin, water jet barrels and a waterfall jet for the neck and shoulders.

Thermal water: the precious gift of Euganean nature

The thermal water in our swimming-pools is highly curative and comes from our springs; it is rich in minerals and is salty-bromine-iodic water.

The water composition and its temperature of 34/35° C have a relaxing effect on the muscles of the body.

In our SPA center, you will find three thermal swimming-pools, one indoor pool communicating with another one outdoors and the third swimming-pool in a more secluded area.


In the pleasant quiet of our spa garden, you will experience the most enchanting wellness holiday. The light song of the birds, the rustle of lush plants and the scent of flowers can all be enjoyed at the outdoor swimming pool of the Europa Terme Boutique Hotel in Abano Terme.

The outdoor swimming pool is connected to the indoor one, surrounded by large and well-kept flower gardens, with sunny spaces and areas of shade under large poplars to provide relaxation and privacy. It is equipped with sparkling hydromassage micro-jets, cervical waterfall jet, barrel jets and a Japanese path.


Recently built, it is surrounded by greenery and the silence of our wonderful garden. Partially covered, it allows you to immerse yourself, even in the coldest months, without feeling any change in temperature so that you could even swim outdoors. The temperature of the thermal water is adjusted according to the seasons: 34° C in the cold months, about 30° C in the summer.

The swimming-pool is equipped with a whirlpool corner with benches, beds, barrels and a waterfall for the neck and shoulders to enhance the benefits of hyperthermal water and feel the stress leaving while bathing in our pools.

Fitness in thermal water

From Monday to Friday, you can attend free sessions of Acquagym in a group: an appointment dedicated to wellness and fun, with a qualified instructor.